Wall coverings

Vinyl wallcoverings

revestimientos_murales_vinilicosWe have large experience of more than 30 years distributing all sort of vinyl wallcoverings, giving the right solutions for all clients requirements. We count with the confidence of some of the most important Hotels, hospitals, restaurants, offices, schools, museums, etc.

» Very durable and washable
» Sun and light resistance
» Aseptic and anti-microbes
Wide variety of designs
Ideal for civil engineering

Acoustic wallcoverings

Acoustic wallcoverings offer an efficient sound isolation, they are ideal coverings for all sort of acoustic projects, ideal at Cinemas, theaters, libraries, TV or radio studios, universities, offices, etc. Acoustic wall-coverings meets with European sound legislation.

» According to European legislation
» Improve the sound quality at workplaces
» Ideal at Museums, cinemas, libraries, etc
Quick and easy sound isolation

Textile wallcoverings

Textile wallcoverings offer a wide range of designs, they are suitable for most of  designers requirements. The textile wallcoverings are ideal for luxury environments, manufactured in different materials such us polyester, wood pulp, cotton, fiber glass or silk.

» Wide variety of designs
» Suitable for high luxury ambients.
Ideal at Hotels, museums, cinemas, libraries, etc
» Possibility of multi-texture

Vinyl wallcovering - Contract type

Contract type wallcoverings offer a wide variety of designs and competitive prices, being ideal for large projects. Resist the harshest situations. Large width, compact PVC coverings with a textile backing – shock resistant, easy care, fungicidal and Bio-Pruf antibacterial treatment.

» Very durable and washable
» Ideal at Hotels, museums, cinemas, libraries, etc
» Wide variety of designs
» Ideal for civil engineering